::: Touraine jus de pommes :::

We are Touraine Jus de Pommes. The company that brings you nature De Pommes & An Apple a Day brands of premium apple juices. These are deliciously natural Juices from the Orchards of France.

The company was founded in 1998. by a group of arborists, who were passionate about trees. apple trees in particular. They believed in bringing to the market pure juices made with time -tested traditional techniques.

In 2006, the founding team wanted to retire, but could not bring themselves to close down operations. They did not want their 'family business' to just disappear. That was when, 3 enterprising young men (Pascal, xavier and YĆ©li), fell in love with these amazing juices! They decided to continue the adventure.

And what an adventure it has been! We have innovated on recipes while holding on to traditional technique. All the while ensuring that we maintained the highest quality in every single drop of juice.

Having captured the hearts of the French market, we are now spreading wings to give the world a taste of the best French apples.

To get every tongue in the world to taste the natural richness of French apples.

::: Touraine jus de pommes :::

Be true to our vision by ensuring quality and purity: by constantly evolving the juices

to match with the taste of the times: by nurturing not just fruit trees,

but also the talent that nurtures our vision.